A bit about posts

This web page aims to post links to a diverse range of content concerned with surveillance, robots, drones and electronic monitoring and place these within some kind of structure for easy access. However, a link to content does not necessarily indicate agreement, an endorsement, or guarantee of either truth or factual accuracy, but rather that I have decided that the content is interesting for some reason.

My reasons for posting content vary and something may be of interest because it is a radical view or a somewhat contentious opinion, known information well expressed, funny, or simply thought provoking, e.g., a new use of an existing technology. It may be that opinions expressed are not shared by those reading them, in which case share your own opinions. It is always worth considering that once upon a time smoking was thought to be beneficial to health and those who did not smoke were sometimes considered suspect. Similarly coffee drinkers were considered to be a threat to the state. It usually pays to give matters some thought and hang in there until some more information filters through.

I would like to encourage, as far as is practicably possible, a relatively respectful, reasoned, unpartisan, and dispassionate analysis of facts, arguments, and opinion; rather than simply slamming an opinion because it doesn’t accord with your own and demonising those who have audacity to have one. This actually acts as a barrier to many who would like to join a debate but get shot down before they have had a chance to air their considered opinions.

Generally speaking I have found that the more open minded we are to a broad range of other opinions the more able we are to learn from others, the longer we tend to live, and the better able we are to ultimately form increasingly robust and better thought through opinions and theories of our own – rather than being drowned out in a shouting match with those who believe they are entirely right and everyone else is entirely wrong. There are lots of interesting grey areas to discuss.

Where analysis and opinion are offered, by me or anyone else, this will be clearly indicated and of course anyone can write relevant comments and, as long as they are in the spirit of learning, I’ll usually publish them. DR

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